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Headlights MedLED

Our MedLED headlights set new standards in the field of premium headlights. They provide maximum wearing comfort, supply first-class light and feature outstandingly high-performance batteries.


MedLED Chrome

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MedLED Chrome

The MedLED Chrome headlight has incorporated the best that technology offers to accomplish the once impossible - a headlight that can light up any field in the OR in terms of both intensity and spot size and is silent, comfortable and cordless.



  • Head-mounted circuit technology. That’s our mission statement. No cables, no hassles. Lose the optical cables and belt pack cords and go cordless without sacrificing basic operating light needs. Does not interfere with sterility. Without cables or battery belt packs, it’s kept safely above the neck.
  • Quiet-Cool™ Heatsink technology. Proprietary technology is used to cool the LED instantly, avoiding the potential for unnecessary heat build-up. We also designed the housing itself to manage any remaining thermal dissipation. Fans also demand more power, requiring large batteries attached to the waist of the user.
  • Spot adjustability and control



  • Luminous intensity:
    MC3 – 100,000 Lux
    MC6 – 200,000 Lux
    MC7 – 275,000 Lux
  • Battery service life:
    MC3 – 7.75 hours
    MC6 – 6.75 hours
    MC7 – 3.50 hours
  • Battery service life: see above, depends on model; infinite with 4-bay charger 
  • USB charging time: 6.5 hours
  • 4-bay charging time: 10 hours; charge up to two sets at a time 
  • Adjustability: full beam angle adjustability, left-to-right swivel, increased spot size range 
  • Spot quality: crisp, circular beam of homogenous light



Consisting of: headlight MedLED , carrying case, USB charging cable, PSU incl. adapter for US and two rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries


Accessories for All Headlights

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Our extensive range of accessories fits universally to all headlight models. We cover a broad spectrum ranging from desktop chargers to magnification glasses.

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