Craniomaxillofacial Surgery


CranioSculpt is a third-generation calcium phosphate bone void filler that overcomes the limitations of past bone void fillers, providing the surgeon greater control over their ideal augmentation.

Our formulations are biocompatible, allow for natural bone remodeling or healing, and are easy to prepare and deliver. In the body, they set fast and have excellent mechanical properties in terms of compression, tension, and flexural strength as well as fracture toughness.


Burr hole filling, craniotomy cuts, cranioplasty, orbital reconstruction, craniofacial defects, augmentation of bony contours


  • Biocompatible and Osteoconductive Calcium Phosphate
  • Moldable and injectable formulations
  • Extended operable temperature range
  • Optimized compressive, tensile, and flexural strength as well as fracture toughness
  • Isothermal Setting Reaction


  • Allows for natural bone remodeling and healing
  • Easy to prepare and deliver
  • Fast setting
  • Third generation formulation maintains handling and setting characteristics at a wide range of room temperatures (66 – 77°F)
  • Prevention of thermal tissue damage during setting reaction



CranioSculpt-C is a fast setting moldable putty.



CranioSculpt-FLOW offers an extended setting time and can be used as an injectable or slower-setting moldable putty.

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