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Insiders report | Review marLED® X

1. What makes the marLED® X special?

The design, the needs of all user groups through their active involvement and product engineering were the focus of the development of our marLED® X. One advantage is the intuitive operation of the marLED® X in conjunction with our touch control panel marTouch Pro. This ensures the optimal adjustment of the lighting parameters. In addition to ergonomic factors, technical requirements and aesthetic aspects were also taken into account in the design. The rounded design of the body ensures the least possible air turbulence and at the same time meets the highest hygienic requirements thanks to the screw, edge and beadless design. The variable light field geometry together with the sterile operating options also ensure excellent illumination of the operating field at all times. 

2. Why did you decide on exactly this design?

The first impression counts and at the same time good design is a quality factor. That's why we have been concerned with the topic "design" throughout the entire product development process. Our goal with the marLED® X was not only to develop an aesthetic, functional operating light, but to create a holistic, optimal product experience. In addition to the shape and general design of the light body, the user's requirements for the device function also play a major role. We were supported by a professional design office both in the implementation of the housing concept and in the development of the operating concept for the marTouch Pro. Thanks to the good cooperation with the external partner, we succeeded in developing a visually convincing operating light with a closed surface and a flow-optimized housing.  

We are therefore all the more pleased that our marLED® X has now won the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design - Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care" in addition to the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award.

3. What has been your personal highlight since the market launch of the marLED® X?

For us, there have been many wonderful moments since the development of the marLED® X started. The product development process itself is a great and exciting experience that helps you grow personally. After many hours of teamwork, finally seeing the finished product and how it is accepted on the market makes us proud. We were particularly impressed by the trust in quality and service that our customers have placed in us from the very beginning. For example, we received orders for the marLED® X right after the first official presentation of the marLED® X at MEDICA 2018 - and without any prior trial order.

4. What was the initial reaction of the users concerning the marLED® X? What are the advantages for different user groups?

The initial reactions after we presented the marLED® X to the public were overwhelming. The impression of quality, attention to detail in product design and the associated preparatory work in the clinical environment during product development have been directly translated into customer/user benefits. We enjoy presenting the marLED® X to a new customer every time. 
For the surgeon and the OR team, the lighting characteristics are very important. The maximum values in color rendering, the variable adjustment options for the size of the light field to suit all operating field situations, and the automatic shadow management impress them the most.

In addition to function and technology, lifetime costs are also an important factor. Medical technicians and clinic administrations appreciate the investment security and enjoy low and future-oriented maintenance costs with the marLED® X.

5. How has the marLED® X developed over time thanks to cooperation with clinical users?

Since the marLED® X was first introduced at the MEDICA in 2018, the design and functions of the operating light have been continuously developed. The first promising feedback was received from hospital planners and technicians in January 2019. Our sales department, supported by product management, has carried out trial orders and demos in several hospitals. Thanks to this valuable clinical feedback, the functionality and operation of the operating light has been further optimized:

The touch-sensitive control unit marTouch Pro offers the greatest possible range of functions. It is therefore extremely important for operating room personnel that the user interface is available in the local language. With the marLED® X, the user interface will no longer be available only in English, German, Spanish and Italian, but in 21 different languages. This is a great advantage for international users of the OR light.

We would also like to emphasize that the discipline-specific presettings will be successively enhanced. These settings are preset light scenarios that are adapted to different disciplines such as gynaecology or hand surgery. In order to be able to select the "perfect" light from the customer's point of view, depending on the requirements of the respective specialty, clinical feedback is valuable to us. Especially since this function offers the user a great added value in terms of optimizing intraoperative workflows. 

6. What is to come?

In the future, we want to stay one step ahead of the technical progress and innovative. That is why we will continue to improve the marLED® X in terms of software and hardware and continuously adapt it to the needs of users.

At the same time, we are working on connecting the marLED® X to integration solutions in the operating room and on the latest camera technologies such as HD wireless and 4K.

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