Visceral Surgery

Visceral surgery

In visceral surgery, surgical procedures of the abdomen are largely performed laparoscopically these days as they represent a more gentle approach for the patient. Our developments in the field of high frequency surgery offer visceral surgeons suitable solutions, even if an open surgical procedure is required.

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Visceral surgery - NdYAG Laser Limax

Surgical laser systems

Diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser

  • Limax 120® and Limax® 60
  • Accessories for Nd:YAG laser
Visceral surgery - Electrosurgery

Electrosurgery units

Major electrosurgery units

  • maXium®
  • maXium® smart C
  • ME MB 3
  • ME MB 1

Minor electrosurgery units

Smoke evacuator

Argon beamer system

Visceral surgery - Electrosurgery instruments

Accessories for electrosurgery

Bipolar accessories

Monopolar accessories

Electrosurgery cart

Additional  accessories


Visceral surgery - Electrosurgery vessel sealing

Vessel sealing

marSeal5 plus

marSeal5 plus Maryland


marClamp® Cut IQ

marClamp® IQ


Visceral surgery - Individual OR solutions | additional products

Additional products

Examination lights
Head lights
Medical supply units
Operating lights
Sterilization containers
Surgical instruments

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