Electrosurgery - Vessel sealing marSeal IQ



The reusable marSeal sealing system guarantees the permanent and reliable occlusion of veins, arteries and tissue bundles with subsequent dissection. After successful sealing, the tissue can be cut centrally with the aid of an integrated mechanism – without the need to change instruments.

Electrosurgery - Vessel sealing marSeal IQ

Universal application

marSeal is a universally applicable instrument that, thanks to its modular design offering different shaft lengths, can be used for laparoscopic applications as well as open surgery.

The combination of the maXium® and the SealSafe® IQ current type result in numerous advantages for the surgeon and his/her team:

  • The sealing process is time-saving and yields an optimum result

  • Tissue damage caused by lateral heat propagation is largely reduced

  • No adhesion of tissue to the contact surfaces



What does SealSafe® IQ mean?

The SealSafe® IQ is a process-controlled current mode in which a continuous exchange of information takes place between the HF generator maxium® and the IQ instrument and in which the impedance of the tissue to be sealed is continuously monitored.

Thanks to the precise SealSafe® IQ current specially adapted to this kind of application, only the tissue located between the instrument's jaws is sealed - lateral thermal tissue damage can thus be restricted to an absolute minimum. The SealSafe® IQ current mode guarantees minimal tissue adhesion and prevents carbonization of the tissue when used correctly.

Electrosurgery - Vessel sealing marSeal5 plus maXium

marSeal instruments with IQ function

Plug & Play - intelligent bipolar vessel sealing clamps with IQ instrument identification function and automatic current and power setting on the maxium® HF generator.


marSeal IQ in practice

Promising also in terms of economy

Due to its reusability and the minimum share of disposables, the marSeal IQ instrument is highly promising also in terms of economy. Compared to disposable instruments, considerable amounts of money can be saved.

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Our reusable vessel sealing instruments at a glance

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Our reusable vessel sealing instruments at a glance

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