About us

About us

Surgical Innovation is our Passion

"This is a promise we have pursued in surgery since 1896. With this claim in mind, we develop and market medical technology solutions such as implant systems, electrosurgery units, surgical laser systems, sterilization containers, OR lights, as well as surgical instruments. And in many cases, we have set new benchmarks.

The KLS Martin Group is the umbrella brand for the companies Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik, Gebrüder Martin, KLS Martin in Freiburg, Rudolf Buck and KLS Martin in the USA, as well as numerous subsidiaries and representative offices throughout the entire world. Our products are used in more than 140 countries all over the world. We are proud of this achievement and will continue advancing patient treatment. Worldwide."

Karl und Christian Leibinger
Shareholders of KLS Martin Group

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Our vision

KLS Martin – the surgery brand


Surgical innovation is our passion. This is the promise of our brand and the aspiration which drives us. Our objective is to be the first choice for all decision makers who use, process or purchase our products. Be it physicians and surgeons, medical professionals in the operating theater and CSSD, administration or purchasing. We are the surgical brand you can count on. Worldwide. At all times. Today and in the future.

Our mission

Developing surgical solutions which inspire users and pay dividends. We provide surgeons with solutions which make the difference. This is owed to the dedication, precision and care which we invest in their development, manufacture and sales which become evident every time they are used. This confers on them a value which is higher than the price they cost. Be it that they offer a unique product advantage.


Be it that they render their users prolonged outstanding service due to their exceptional high quality, reliability and availability.


Our values

Passion is our core value


Passion and creative thinking process are the ingredients of our success. Always. This spirit dominates our quest for innovative solutions and the way in which we follow new paths: smart, well thought out and ingenious. Be it in development, production, logistics or in marketing, sales and administration. This is backed by the willingness to go to our limits at all times.


And often beyond that.

We act initiativly

We act with initiative

We are active players in exploiting new fields of application and international markets. We always challenge what exists and drive our endeavors dynamically to reach our goals. This lies in our nature and in our tradition as a family-run company: being open for new things, and being sustainable in what we do. Economically and ecologically. Both create the foundation for commercial success, always with an eye on the big picture.

We are innovative

We are innovative

We are designers of surgical opportunities. We never stop exploring options and do everything to realize ideas as well as optimizing processes, products and systems. Be it through a number of small improvements or by groundbreaking innovations. We have done this with success, again and again. And are willing to provide the evidence at any time.

We act individually

We act individually

We do not believe in inconvenience. Personal dealings are important to us - a feeling of closeness, practiced fairness, upright respect. We are good listeners and understand what is important. This governs the way we work together and the relationships with our customers. Backed by individualists with team spirit. People who are themselves and are pro-actively involved. These are settings which allow each of us to flourish and continuously develop our competencies.

Our promise:

Surgical Innovation is our Passion

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