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We present a concept for efficient instrument management in your hospital.
The marManagement concept consists of three modules, which can be used individually or in combination: instrument audit, instrument repair service marRep, instrument optimization.

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The modules

marManagement - instrument audit

Instrument audit

The tray audit is the quantitative and qualitative analysis of all instrument sets used in surgery in a hospital. 

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of instruments
  • Classification of the instruments according to different quality levels: new quality, repair required, replacement required
  • The result is the documentation of the instruments with the appropriate quality level along with recommendations for cleaning and handling
marManagement - instrument repair marRep

Instrument repair service marRep

Highly qualified surgical mechanics find the right solution for every instrument that has to be repaired. On receipt of instruments a profitability analysis is performed first. If it is established that a repair will not be worthwhile or possible, we give you a fair quote for a suitable exchange. For us it is only natural that we repair not only our own makes but also other brands of instruments.

  • Repair with original manufacturer spare parts
  • Service contracts
  • Advantages of official repair: extended service life, retention of function, reduced downtime of products, reduced risk to patients
marManagement - instrument optimization

Instrument optimization

Our experts analyze and optimize instrument sets with reference to the contents and their usage in your hospital. You receive instrument sets customized for your specific requirements with the best possible combination of instruments.

  • Improvement can only be achieved with continuous optimization
  • Analysis of the instruments that are actually used during an operation with the help of the user
  • Reduction/optimization of the trays to increase the efficiency of the clinics




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