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For more than 50 years, we have been setting the course for electrosurgery again and again: Many of our developments have made a lasting impression on high-frequency surgery. This applies not only to HF generators, but to the extensive range of accessories as well.

Electrosurgery - HF units

Electrosurgery units

Our innovative electrosurgery units are setting new standards - all over the world. This is explained not only by their remarkable performance and features, but also by the fact that we offer you a truly extensive range of products: from special HF devices for dentists through units for minor and major private surgeries and outpatient departments to high-end devices for use in operating rooms - practically everything required for state-of-the-art medical treatment.

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Our electrosurgery units

Electrosurgery - Vessel sealing

Vessel sealing

The SealSafe® IQ bipolar vessel sealing system allows sealing of vessels or tissue bundles effectively and lastingly without any need for previous dissection or detailed exposure of the tissue to be sealed. Thanks to the precise SealSafe® current specifically adapted to this kind of application and the instruments, only the tissue located between the instrument’s jaws is sealed. As a result, lateral thermal damage to surrounding tissue is reduced and tissue adhesion is reduced to a minimum.

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Electrosurgery - Smoke evacuation

Smoke evacuation

Smoke plumes in the OR are a thing of the past! We have set new future-oriented benchmarks for the evacuation of surgical smoke gases by using state-of-the-art filter technology.

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Electrosurgery - Argon Beamer System

Argon beamer system

Extended superficial bleeding in parenchymal tissue is a problem that is difficult to handle with classic coagulation. Therefore, argon plasma coagulation is an ideal supplement to conventional HF application methods.

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Electrosurgery - Instruments

Accessories for electrosurgery

A large number of clinicians worldwide use and trust our extensive range of accessories which set benchmarks in both monopolar and bipolar surgery. The instruments are developed and manufactured according to stringent quality specifications to ensure you are provided with the best tools for your daily work.

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HF disposable accessories smartOne®

With our monopolar disposable accessories, we are expanding our portfolio in order to offer our users a high-quality total package.
Innovative accessories in fume extraction set new standards in these areas.

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