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Accessories for electrosurgery

We offer you a comprehensive range of instruments for both the monopolar as well as bipolar application technology. This includes numerous innovative instruments, such as the bipolar marCut® scissors, the bipolar marClamp® clamps our our non-stick-red-forceps.

Bipolar accessories

Electrosurgery - accessories bipolar nonStick red

nonStick red

Our bipolar forceps with non-stick effect and a revolutionary ergonomic design.

The latest generation of forceps allows for the precise coagulation of vessels - accurately to the point. The large choice of models, the universal connection as well as the ergonomic handle, make the nonStick-red forceps indispensable aids in the daily OR environment.

Electrosurgery - accessories bipolar nonStick flush

nonStick flush

Our bipolar forceps with integrated irrigation – for the toughest requirements.

The coagulation site is irrigated via the irrigation channel integrated into the forceps handle and to which one or two Luer Lock tubes can be connected. A continuous supply of irrigation fluid helps to greatly reduce the tissues adhesion.

The ”Neptun“ current type of the maXium® HF generator was developed specifically for fluid-assisted HF coagulation (EHT = electrohydrothermosation) of the nonStick flush bipolar irrigation forceps.

Electrosurgery - accessories bipolar marCut


Our bipolar scissors for open surgery.

An essential benefit of marCut® scissors is provided by their special design: The two scissor blades are electrically insulated from each other by a ceramic element. The special hardened surface of the scissor blade provides for a consistently sharp cutting edge, which can be re-sharpened several times.

Electrosurgery - accessories bipolar marLap


For reliable holding and separation of tissue - always with a view of the entire operating field.

The field of laparoscopy requires a multitude of special bipolar instruments for minimally invasive applications. Fast and reliable hemostasis is of great significance. With the marLap system, we provide a brilliant answer to this.

Monopolar accessories

Electrosurgery - accessories monopolar smartLap


Electrodes with Smoke Evacuation for Laparoscopy

Clear view and maximum safety in the sterile field – smoke has become a thing of the past! The novel premium quality high-performance smartLap electrodes by KLS Martin for laparoscopy provide an efficient solution for effective evacuation of the smoke right where it originates.

Electrosurgery - accessories monopolar electrodes

Monopolar electrodes

We have a comprehensive range of monopolar electrodes. This includes electrodes with Ø 1.6mm, Ø 2.4mm and Ø 4mm in a variety of shapes and geometries.

Electrosurgery - accessories monopolar electrode handles


Premium quality electrode handpieces for your daily work in the OR

Monopolar electrode handpieces are indispensable in electrosurgery. Combined with an active electrode they are used to cut, dissect, and coagulate. With the electrode handpieces we offer you a device designed to fulfill today's ergonomic demands.

Electrosurgery - accessories monopolar neutral electrodes

Return electrodes

To provide you with the right return electrode for every application in the monopolar field, we offer you a variety of different return electrodes. From the split single return electrode to special return electrodes for newborns and infants.

Electrosurgery - accessories monopolar MABS

MABS argon accessories

KLS Martin –your competent partner in modern argon-supported surgery.

We offer a large selection of rigid and flexible probes for open and endoscopic argon surgery.

HF disposable accessories smartOne®

smartOne® VAC

smartOne® VAC

smartOne® VAC handles with integrated fume extraction filter the harmful fumes directly in the operating field. The telescopic function gives the surgeon maximum flexibility with ergonomic design. Unique flue gas electrodes for use in numerous indications to ensure clean air and clear view in the OR.

smartOne® HF handles

smartOne® HF handles

The smartOne® handles in ergonomic design in the variants: Hand activation via push button or rocker switch. The 3-pin plug allows a versatile use. The teflon-coated electrodes prevent the tissue from sticking and thus reduce the operating time.

smartOne® electrodes

smartOne® electrodes

A wide range of different shapes and lengths with integrated hexagon guarantee the highest level of safety in the operating theatre. Due to form rings, the electrodes can be easily exchanged. The Teflon coating prevents tissue from sticking to the electrode and reduces the intraoperative cleaning effort of the OR staff.

Electrosurgery cart

Electrosurgery - accessories carts smart Cart

maXium® smart Cart

The maXium® smart Cart exhibits a compact and ergonomic design to securely accommodate the entire equipment. 

The maxium® smart Cart not only offers room for an electrosurgery device, but also for an argon beamer as well as a smoke evacuation unit.

Other accessories

Electrosurgery - accessories foot switch


We have a comprehensive range of footswitches. Our product portfolio includes single pedal and dual pedal footswitches. A special highlight is our cordless double pedal footswitch.

Electrosurgery - accessories connection cables

Connection cable

We offer a large number of connecting cables for all common generators and instruments.


Accessories for electrosurgery | marTest

The marTest device was developed for testing electrosurgical accessories (e.g. monopolar/bipolar cables, electrode handles, neutral electrode cables, KLS Martin IQ instruments).

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