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Surgical laser systems

Limax® 120 and Limax® 60

With its innovative diode-pumped Nd:YAG technology, the Limax® 120 combines the beam quality and the performance densities of a solid body laser with the effectiveness level of a diode laser.

Ideal wavelength

Thanks to its specific wavelength of 1,320 nm and the ideal coefficient of absorption in water and hemoglobin associated with it, the Limax® offers you an optimal combination of resection, coagulation and tissue sealing capabilities. This automatically gives surgeons the best possible control of the two greatest problems in pulmonary parenchymal surgery: hemostasis and air loss prevention.

Parenchyma-saving surgery with high cost-efficiency

Surgical Laser Systems - NdYAG laser Limax parenchyma saving operation

Due to its ideal wavelength, the Limax® allows precise resection of lung metastases. This allows conserving healthy tissue as far as possible. As a result, this enables surgery with the Limax® which has so far been regarded as being inoperable. Even in the case of recurrences nothing speaks against subsequent procedures. In addition to these clinical advantages, the Limax® offers convincing savings of consumables, for example, staple suture devices.



Maximum beam quality

Surgical Laser Systems - NdYAG laser Limax beam quality

Whereas the beam diameter of direct-diode systems increases with increasing power and beam precision decreases strongly as a result, the Limax® system enables you to work at a constant beam quality across the entire output power range, up to 120 W.

This allows fast working with maximum performance densities and the use of extremely small fiber diameters.

Intuitive and user-friendly operation

Surgical Laser Systems - NdYAG laser Limax intuitive handling

The exceptional user-friendliness of the Limax® also shows in the integration of peripheral units such as the smoke evacuator or the gas flow controller. In this way, the entire system can be intuitively controlled via a single display.



Limax® 120

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