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Our Project Manager Tanja Mutschler introduces 20 Technical Managers from the wvib network to her project management system for simultaneous, efficient and on-schedule order processing, thus providing discussion material.

Our development and production location in Freiburg, KLS Martin GmbH + Co. KG, was the venue for the continuous meetings of the “Wirtschaftsverband Industrieller Unternehmen Baden e.V.” (wvib) which can be translated to Economic Association of Industrial Companies Baden. The association offers specialists and executives from different fields of competence and industries the opportunity to exchange their experiences and learn from each other. 

This was also the goal of this event. 20 Technical Managers exchanged their knowledge and ideas on the topic of "agile project management". The field of activity of this professional group includes, among other things, the on-schedule completion of simultaneously running projects - and this as efficiently as possible. Our Project Manager Tanja Mutschler tackled this challenge for us and established a multi-project management solution at KLS Martin GmbH + Co. KG two years ago. 

In the area of project management, a well-stocked toolbox with various method modules was at her disposal. These methods included Daily Scrum, Sprints and Definition of Done. As with most theories, the challenge was to combine different methods logically and to adapt them to the needs of the company. Tanja Mutschler took into account the needs of customers, employees, products and the attached production processes. She designed an individual system with clear processes, responsibilities and work packages. With this concept, we were able to significantly improve adherence to delivery dates. This concept provided the basis for an inspiring discussion with the participants. 

In addition to the exchange of experiences, the agenda included a guided tour through the production, which was also carried out by Tanja Mutschler, as well as a company presentation by Michael Martin, President. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants once again for their interest and the exciting exchange of experiences with them.  

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