We can look back on an interesting course in the field of gynecological endoscopy held in German. The course participants had the opportunity to get to know our HF devices, sealing instruments and surgical laser systems in the industrial exhibition as well as in action in numerous workshops.

The "25th practical course in gynecological endoscopy" took place at the Congress Centre in Davos. The three-day course provided the numerous participants with valuable knowledge through lectures and practical exercises at the laparoscopy trainer as part of their training and further education. 

At our booth in the industrial exhibition, interested parties had the opportunity to get to know our products in the fields of HF and laser surgery and to obtain advice from our experts. Our products were not only exhibited, but also used in various workshops. For example, we provided our HF generators for laparoscopy workplaces. Furthermore, we equipped the industrial workshop with our CO2 laser MCO 50plus as well as with our new vessel sealing instruments marSeal5 plus Maryland on the HF generator maXium®.