Already five years have passed since the foundation of our subsidiary KLS Martin Australia. Right from the start, the company was living up to its goal: helping surgeons by providing them with the needed tools and therefore improving patient’s lives in Australia – even if that means supplying urgent products along with hand-written delivery notes documented on carbon paper.

In 2014 Sebastian, who today is Head of Operational Product Management Implant Systems at our headquarters in Tuttlingen, flew to Sydney with one mission: transition the business from a former distribution partner, found the subsidiary KLS Martin Australia and help it grow. On his side he had two colleagues helping him entering the intial stock levels in SAP. All three were working thoroughly on getting everything ready for the big day – even until the early morning hours. 

Then the day was here: the official start of business and the first planned operations. Delivering products also means issuing an order confirmation, delivery note and invoice. When our colleagues tried to print the needed documents, the software put an obstacle in their way. It would not let them print the papers. Knowing that there were patients waiting for the products and the surgical staff counting on them, Sebastian and his team were trying to find a solution. 

They went through the old inventory and office materials and found carbon paper. That was the solution. They produced a hand-wirtten delivery note and documented all needed information with a carbon paper copy and were therefore able to ship the products to the hospital.

Afterwards the technical challenges were resolved and KLS Martin Australia could pick up its normal business. Today we have nine colleagues working there, driving our Australian business. Find out, why they enjoy working there:

"I enjoy working at KLS Martin Australia because I have the opportunity to enact change in not only the direction of our business but in the lives of the patients we help treat." - Matt

 “One of the reasons I love working for KLS Martin Australia is having the opportunity to work alongside a cohort of different colleagues, who all share a common goal - to deliver exceptional results.” - Kelly

 “The team spirit, support and knowledge within our company is second to none.  I’m proud to represent the KLS Martin brand. I love the fact our products can change people’s lives.” - Julie

 “I enjoy working at KLS Martin Australia, because of the people around me.” - Sho-mae

 “I am very new to the company 6 months in Dec 2019.  I am still learning the ropes and find that everyone is very willing to assist and help when asked. It’s a small team here in Australia and we all work together towards a common goal – success!” – Monica

 “Since joining KLS Martin Australia in March this year, I have enjoyed working in a team that is passionate about everything that they do and they are constantly striving to exceed their customers’ expectations.” – Beth

 “KLS Martin Australia offers me the opportunity to expand my horizons professionally and offer surgeons and their patients the best care.” -  Angela

“I have only been with KLS Martin Australia for a short time, but during the last 7 months I have been impressed with my talented and dedicated colleagues. It is a pleasure to work with a great team with common goals of customer satisfaction. KLS Martin has great products, which I can trust and are a pleasure to market. Their reliability and high quality put us in a good position to grow and become market leaders and I am proud to be associated with KLS Martin and the Australian team.” - Janice

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