IPS Gate®

Individual Patient Solutions

IPS Gate®

Safe data upload and intuitive case treatment - at any time and any place

The web-based platform and app for surgeons and their staff. It guides and accompanies surgeons through the whole process of requesting, designing and finalizing patient-specific implants in a safe and efficient way.

This intuitive concept offers the user maximum mobility, flexibility, and functionality.


  • Free platform
  • Available via browser or mobile iOs app
  • Tested and certified by the TÜV Süd
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Safe Internet connection due to "HTTPS" standard assures the safety of the patient data
  • No installation necessary, the program operates entirely browser-based
  • No additional software programs necessary
  • Multiple possibilities of data transfer


  • The entire IPS workflow is handled via the IPS Gate®
  • Upload and communication platform for exchanging data sets and case documentations
  • Automatic status reports inform all involved participants on the latest status of case planning
  • Centralized data storage and management reduce e-mail communication 
  • Minimizes redundancies
  • Various access options allow mobility, flexibility and functionality
  • Chat function for instant case communication, available to all persons involved
Individual Patient Solutions - Login registration

Log-in and registration

Users can register on the IPS Gate® via in next to no time. After a successful check, access is authorized immediately.

Individual Patient Solutions - Create case

Case generation

Within the IPS Gate® a user can quickly and intuitively create new cases and edit them together with all the contact persons involved in the case.
The patient data is transmitted either via direct data upload, delegation to another user or by mail.

Individual Patient Solutions - Case handling communication

Direct case processing and communication 

As soon as a case has been created, interaction between user and IPS developed commences immediately. The integrated chat function allows direct contact and direct communication between the persons involved, supported by automatic messages. Centralized data management allows comprehensive case documentation.

Individual Patient Solutions - Management contacts messages

Administration of contacts and private messages 

The IPS Gate® is a modern networking tool for surgeons and other clinical users. Using contact queries, the users of various institutions can prepare, plan and design cases together.
Furthermore, the private message system allows communication between the users regardless of the case.

IPS Gate®

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