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Operating Lights

The operation starts. The light is turned on.

It’s easy to set. Color temperature can be adjusted as needed. Even the light field geometry can be adapted to match the operating field. And there are no disturbing color shadows at all because the light is mixed at the source, right inside the light engines. All this is part of the performance provided by KLS Martin operating lights and much more.

marLED® V series

This lighting system consists of the main light marLED® V16 and the satellite light marLED® V10. The two are matched in form to make a perfect whole.

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marLED® E series

The marLED® E is as individual as your operating theater. It is available in different designs and combinations. Both the E9i and the E15 are available with a light intensity of 160,000 Lux, with the option of an integrated battery supply.

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