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Sterilization containers

microStop® MiniSet | Ideal also for private surgeries and practices

The system has been specially developed to cover the storage needs of private surgeries and dental practices, enabling them to store all their instruments in small trays in a space-saving way.

Product portfolio

For minor surgical procedures that can also be performed on an outpatient basis, or for operations in which delicate microinstruments must be used, KLS Martin offers the microStop® miniSet sterilization containers. No less efficient than their larger counterparts, they just come in a smaller, more practical format that fits any commonly used small sterilizer. Ideal for outpatient departments, private surgeries, dental practices and all applications where customized solutions are preferred. The series is available in two different heights and thus allows various configurations with mesh baskets.

Sterile barrier

microStop® sterilization container

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The MicroStop® sterile barrier is a flow inhibition system based on a principle discovered by Louis Pasteur. With a separation efficiency of 99.99997%, it offers significantly better protection against microbes and particles than any filter.
For unlimited use. Guaranteed!

The tamper evident lock system

Sterilization container - system microStop miniset

Sealing is via a classical single-use plastic seal which is simply clicked in from the top and is self-locking. Opening is the same as for a front door. Nothing could be simpler.

Logistics component

The attaching of coding labels is practical because the quick-change function is a slide-in design. Coding labels can be printed with text, a barcode, or a data matrix. Color-coding can be provided individually using colored frames.


Greencheck® and opening of a microStop® container

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Sterilization container - system greencheck and opening a microStop container video

Function control and inserting barrier microStop® container

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Sterilization container - system function control and inserting barrier microStop container video

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