Surgical instruments - Hand surgery

Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments for hand surgery

Hand surgical interventions nowadays request more than just basic instruments. Besides indication-related systems the need for special products containing supporting functions is more and more increasing.

However, the necessity of those products is often under-estimated. Therefore we set our target to offer easy-to-use instruments and systems in this meaningful field. Thus we for example provide self-retaining wound spreaders to grant autonomous and unaltered exposure of small access openings or components to achieve intraoperatively the best possible fixation of the hand.

Surgical instruments - Hand surgery short microinstruments

Short micro instruments

Not only do we take care to use only the best materials, we also are precise in every fabrication step: 100% control, 100% “made in Germany”. Experience this perfection with our reliable, perfectly balanced and glarefree instruments made out of steel or titanium. This is where design meets precision.