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"I'm making history - my KLS Martin moment in 125 years of KLS Martin Group."



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Christina Gabele, Mühlheim an der Donau, Germany

This moment has burned itself deeply into my memory. It happened on February 1, 2010. On this day my father (Lorenz Gabele, who is also working at KLS Martin in the product development) became 50 years old and my grandpa celebrated his birthday too.

I was at school, then for lunch at my grandpa's and for coffee at my dad's house.

Unfortunately, I didn ot feel well that day, so I went to the doctor after coffee. He immediately sent me to the hospital with a suspicion of appendicitis.

In the hospital I was prepared for the operation and was still awake when I lay on the OR table. Since I was still wearing glasses at the time and they were not allowed in the operating room, my vision was a little blurry.

Nevertheless, I could see that a white surgical light was hanging above me, with the KLS Martin logo I was familiar with. I was really scared of the surgery, but when I saw the operating light, I thought to myself: they have got the right equipment already - this can only be a success!

My first sentence to my dad after waking up was: "Dad, I was operated under one of your surgical light s", he just laughed and said I should rather take a rest.

That was my KLS Martin moment.

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Elise Geiss, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

It is not just through innovation and surgical design that KLS Martin is changing lives.

In October of 2019, I began experiencing health issues and by November of 2020, I was on FMLA due to these issues. 

I am doing better now. I give most of the credit to KLS Martin’s company culture and amazing people. This support system has allowed me to take my life back and explore the world in ways that not many have. 

I lost 80 pounds and went backpacking on the Appalachian Trail! This is a shot of me somewhere between Newfound Gap and Clingmans Dome via the AT. The trip did not go as planned, but in the wild, things seldom go to plan. I am not deterred because I have KLS Martin confidence!

Thank you!

Steffen Furtschegger, Tuttlingen, Germany

Enclosed is my personal lasting KLS Martin moment. At KLS Martin, friendships for life can also develop. I am talking about Anja Weber, Samuel Schnell, Jessica Klaiber, Kinga Fiamma and me.

In the meantime, it has been almost 20 years since this special friendship has existed, even beyond KLS Martin. Whether together to visit Martin Italia in Milan, ski trip to Ischgl, birthdays, weddings or just the after-work beer - without KLS Martin the SPECIAL would never have come into being and we would certainly not know each other today.

Thank you KLS Martin!


Peter Boross, Huizen, Netherlands

One of my special moments with KLS Martin was an IPS® case in the Netherlands with Dr. Niels Schep and my colleagues from Tuttlingen, Germany.

Hans Brenner, Penang, Malaysia

One of my special KLS Martin moments was the official inauguration of our first manufacturing plant in Penang on March 8, 2016 with the KLS Martin owners and the local Chief Minister of Penang. In the meantime we moved to a much larger factory.

It was the first production plant for KLS Martin outside of Europe. I had started the whole project with the big support of the Leibinger family and two local colleagues in summer 2014.


Katja Butsch, Tuttlingen, Germany

My business highlight so far at KLS Martin was a tender with a value of 7.4 million euros, which was handled in six partial deliveries within four months. It cost a lot of nerves and Saturdays :-), but also brought a high degree of collegiality and cohesion. Here is the group picture after the last delivery; all a bit knocked out, but proud and happy to have made it together.

Kyle Cummings, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The photo was taken during and just after finishing an orthognathic case with Dr. Mark Ryser and Dr. Alvin J. Stosich. 

I have the honor of being in the OR with them and their partners every week, whether it be orthognathic or trauma surgeries. While the particular procedure featured in the photos was trouble-free, it is not always that way. However, no matter how tough a procedure might be, they have always got a smile on their face and a positive attitude. Together we have spent countless hours in the OR and through their remarkable operating skills and KLS Martin’s superior equipment, we have changed the lives of numerous patients, both young and old. I am grateful to work for a company that allows me to aid people like them in changing and improving lives. It is those experiences that make up my KLS Martin moments. 

Bernhard Grieble, Mühlheim an der Donau, Germany

This picture was taken in autumn 1991. At that time, the first operating light was completed for the Medica trade show at our production in Mühlheim. A small milestone - at least in the field of operating lights.

Dr. Monika Hengstler, Tuttlingen, Germany

It was 2014, I was strategic product manager for the second generation of the SonicWeld Rx® system and I traveled to Dr. Eric Arnaud in Paris to test the system clinically for the first time. I had never met Eric Arnaud in person before but knew about his reputation in the field of craniosynostosis treatment. In addition, Dr. Arnaud was one of the clinical partners in the development of the first-generation SonicWeld Rx® system. This was, by the way, long before I became part of the KLS Martin family in 2012.

For the clinical test, I had planned everything in detail in advance. The sonotrodes and the handpiece had already been sent to Paris a few days beforehand so that they could still be sterilized in advance and be readily sterilized for the surgery date. I felt well prepared for the day. That something might not work out had not been a thought for me until then. In this mood, I walked into the Hôpital Necker in Paris one Monday morning with my suitcase packed. Arriving in the anteroom of the operating room, Eric Arnaud greeted me in a very friendly manner. I briefed Dr. Arnaud and the OR staff on the new system. The team was pleased. They said goodbye for the moment, got back to work, and integrated the system into the rest of the OR preparations. I waited in the anteroom of the operating room.

Then that one moment arrived for me that I will never forget. My gaze went to the operating room. I looked at the operating table and saw the little patient lying there. A little boy, four months old, naked, covered only with a blanket. Defenseless. Suddenly, so many thoughts ran through my head. What if the system does not work properly after all? On the other hand, I knew the development effort that had been invested in the system up to that point and how intensively the system had been tested. I'll be honest, in the midst of these many thoughts, I occasionally had the thought of packing up the SonicWeld Rx® system again and turning back.

But the surgery preparations were soon complete and the surgery started. Everything went according to plan. Then came the part where the SonicWeld Rx® system came into action. Several SonicPins Rx® were placed to fix the resorbable plates. And while placing each pin, everything worked out wonderfully. I was relieved and satisfied.

As I walked back out of the hospital's large entrance hall packed with my SonicWeld Rx® case, I saw several more young patients sitting in the waiting areas with their parents. The children seemed quite happy and brave, while the parents seemed tense. At the latest after this sight, I knew even more how great it is to help people through our inventions. That was my KLS Martin moment.

Joachim Klüppel, Mühlheim an der Donau, Germany

My KLS Martin moment was in June 2007. This old picture shows parts of the staff of Rudolf Buck GmbH on their last day at the old location in Wurmlingen. On July 1, 2007, we moved into the new company building in Mühlheim, Römerweg 9.

Rupert Kohler, Tuttlingen, Germany

For me, every moment when an OR is completed with our products is a KLS Martin moment. In the pictures you can see some of the past projects.

Joyce Ngo, Penang, Malaysia

My KLS Martin moment was definitely witnessing the planning and construction of our new production and office building. We stuck together through the ups and downs and were able to witness the progress - one brick at a time until the building was finished. I hope for many more KLS Martin moments in the future.

Carl de Vaal, KLS Martin LP, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

In-servicing our products provides the opportunity of sharing knowledge with surgeons all over the world. Having an in-service for our LevelOne system with Dr. Miguel Angel González de Santiago at the Naval Medical Center in México City.


Janett Barth, Tuttlingen, Germany

In search of my KLS Martin moment, I went through all my memories and pictures, and my conclusion is - in so many years of company service, there have been at least as many wonderful moments. To list all of them would go beyond the scope, so I just made a small collection - it seems like a KLS Martin scrapbook is needed. :)

Most of my great moments are the private and interpersonal ones.

2003 - My first screening at the University of Freiburg with our marManagement system.

Julian Jones, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Every day we work together as a high-functioning team here at KLS Martin. Being competitive is a character trait we all can relate to even on a small level. It is what keeps us doing good work and staying one step ahead of our competition in the medical device market. It is no shock that that would carry over into any team made up of KLS Martin employees.

In 2019, I sent out a call for energetic soccer enthusiasts interested in forming a KLS Martin team in an indoor soccer league here in Jacksonville. I was very happy to hear that I was not the only one not only ready to play but also to compete for the glory of first place in the league. I saw this as a great opportunity to bring people from the existing sales building of KLS Martin LP and people from the newly built KLS Martin manufacturing facility to further increase our solidarity as a team. Once everyone was on the roster and our team entered into the competition bracket, I brought the proposal for sponsorship to our VP of Sales and Marketing at the time, Tom Johnston. He was immediately excited about the idea, having his own thrill of competition. He lit a flame under us to strive for the top place in the league and I will always be grateful for his motivation and confidence that inspired us. From that campaign, the KLS Martin Talons were formed. We spent our weekends and afternoons practicing to play as a team.

Those moments were so much fun and we made strong bonds that can only come from working together towards a common goal. My personal shining moment was being asked to wear the captain's armband and being officially nominated as the leader of the squad. Our team was a melting pot of people from all different places and backgrounds, yet KLS Martin and soccer brought us together. We ended up placing second in the league and I could not be more proud of the work we put in to get there.

Looking back now, with the new reality we are in, those memories made with the team are so special.

Martina Kanzleiter

Martina Kanzleiter, Tuttlingen, Germany

One of my highlights with the KLS Martin family, was the Christmas party 2019. We could look forward to a great program, consisting of a small Christmas market, atmospheric songs directly from our KLS Martin band and a nice, family and Christmas atmosphere. Of course, the fun did not come too short. :)

Cornelia Methner, Huizen, Netherlands

Here are my KLS Martin moments - I hope it exhilarates and reflects some moments that mean a lot to me:

We speak one language: KLS ONE has always existed - and those who just don't get it, get to hear Conny on the overall sales conference.

Melissa Moe Frisosky, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Just a picture.

Ina Pede, Tuttlingen, Germany

I count among my special KLS Martin moments those in which the family - or now also the KLS ONE - feeling is particularly palpable.

The feeling of standing up and fighting for a common cause, and then sharing private moments with each other, welds people together. This photo was taken during a rather spontaneous idea to spend the end of the day in vacation mode with a glass of wine and delicious food. Although we did not implement the originally envisioned pool party, we still had a wonderful evening with our colleagues.

Queenie Lee, Penang, Malaysia

Precious moments are small elements of time. We work together, show respect, share affection and kindness with those we care about. In the picture you can see our team from KLS Martin Malaysia.

Ursula Rösler, Tuttlingen, Germany

Our KLS Martin moment as a regulatory affairs department was a co-hosted online murder mystery dinner during the long phase of mobile working during Corona.

There was promoting - conniving - smuggling - celebrating - cooking - eating - accusing - charging and a lot of laughing.

Ursula Rösler (alias Maria Dutto - landlady looking for a partner ;) )


Kerstin Werner, Tuttlingen, Germany

In my almost 20 years of employment at KLS Martin, I have experienced some great KLS Martin moments over the years.

I have many fond memories of the SORG Comprehensive Course series, which (before the course was moved to KLS Martin WORLD in Tuttlingen starting in 2016) was always held biennially at an attractive Mediterranean course location.

In this one-week, modular continuing education course, course participants can become acquainted with the complete range of all oral and maxillofacial disciplines and, under the aegis of a renowned faculty of speakers, sustainably deepen their knowledge of the theory and practice of this specialty. Of course, it is easier to learn when the fun is not neglected. A crowning conclusion of the SORG Comprehensive Course 2008 in Belek / Turkey was therefore the spectacular rafting trip of the KLS Martin course team in the Köprülü Canyon, approx. 50 km north of Belek. In terms of supporting program, this was definitely my course highlight.

On a private level, I experience my own personal "KLS moment" every day .... with my two girls Leah and Sarah :-)

Team KLS: Kerstin, Leah and Sarah Werner

August 2021: Hygiene Museum Dresden, Glass Human

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