Surgical Laser Systems - CO2 laser MCO plus scanner SoftScan plus R

Surgical laser systems

Accessories for COlasers

A comprehensive range of accessories makes the CO2 lasers suitable for use in a variety of surgical disciplines. This includes a variety of handpieces as well as the high quality MicroPoint and MiniPoint micromanipulators for using the laser with all conventional surgical microscope systems.


Surgical Laser Systems - CO2 laser MCO plus micromanipulator Micro Point 25

The high quality Micro Point and Mini Point micromanipulators allow using the laser with all conventional surgical microscope systems.

Scanner SoftScan plus R

Scanner SoftScan plus R

In conjunction with various handpieces or micromanipulators, the digital SoftScan plus R scanner system integrated in the laser device offers controlled and reproducible tissue ablation in numerous surgical disciplines - tissue-sparing working procedure for the patient's benefit.

skinFrac mode

Surgical Laser Systems - CO2 laser MCO plus SkinFrac

Fractionated scanning is aimed at maximum conservation of the skin surface. Instead of ablating large defined surface areas, microscopically small energy columns are applied to the dermis. We offer five operating modes and, depending on the indication, the two handpieces softFrac and powerFrac, both of which deliver optimal results.


Surgical Laser Systems - FlexPen 2.0 FlexWave

The flexible CO2 laser applicator FlexWave incorporates latest technology to achieve highest reliability, performance and transmission.

With the divergent beam profile, speed and depth of tissue vaporization are easily controlled by changing the distance from fiber tip to tissue. Ease of use is ensured by the coupling adapter and guide arm combined with the compatibility of the FlexPen 2.0 fiber holder.

Smoke plume evacuation

Surgical Laser Systems - Smoke evacuation smartVac

With its advanced filter technology for surgical plume removal, we again sets standards that point the way to the future. Used in conjunction with our HF surgery and laser units, smart Vac and marVAC® provides you with a clear view of the entire surgical site - and gives you maximum safety in addition.

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