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In the field of hand surgery we not only offer you solutions for standard restorations, but also products for unusual and difficult situations. 

Our endoprostheses for the PIP joint and the ulnar head offer innovative, reliable and clinically proven solutions, even for special challenges.

Phalanges and metacarpals

Handsurgery - CapFlex

CapFlex PIP- A new and innovative joint replacement for the proximal interphalangeal joint

The CapFlex PIP prosthesis is a new, innovative joint replacement. The surface-sliding prosthesis made of a combination of metal and polyethylene provides high stability and mobility for finger joints destroyed by arthrosis or accident.

Radius and Ulna

Handsurgery UHP

Ulnar Head Prosthesis®

With our endoprosthesis for the ulnar head, we offer a reliable and long-standing clinically proven solution for disorders of the distal radioulnar joint. We also have a solution for special challenges, such as revision after unsatisfactory Sauve-Kapandji surgery - Spherical Ulnar Head Prosthesis.

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