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Individual Patient Solutions

IPS CaseDesigner®

Virtual planning - easier and faster than ever before

Virtual 3D planning of orthognathic procedures has been made easier and quicker than ever before with the IPS CaseDesigner®. As a result, this flexible software tool makes the planning and simulation of surgical procedures efficient and reliable. Individualized treatment concepts can be transferred to the patients in the operating room using this virtual approach.

The IPS CaseDesigner® software is primarily applied in orthognathic surgery. It offers an intuitive and straightforward approach to virtual planning by guiding the user through a step-by-step workflow.

Individual Patient Solutions - Function


Virtual or classic planning of the final occlusion – cleverly combined.

The final bite position is undisputedly a key aspect in orthognathic case planning. Whether this should be planned classically with models or simulated in a purely virtual manner is up to the user.

The IPS CaseDesigner® offers a platform for both approaches and in addition builds a bridge to allow applying the advantages of both methods simultaneously.

Individual Patient Solutions - Esthetics


Representation and simulation of the soft tissue.

Modern orthognathic case planning is examined threedimensionally and holistically. In addition to functional aspects, the presentation and planning of the soft tissue is crucial.

With the IPS CaseDesigner®, simulation can be implemented effortlessly and in real time and the optional import of a true-to-life 3D patient photo creates a stunning visualization.

Individual Patient Solutions - Uniqueness


As a rule, the perfect cut is a question of taste and, in the digital age, it only makes sense to take the patient's individual anatomy into account.

Thanks to virtual and three-dimensional planning with the IPS CaseDesigner®, osteotomies can be created in detail and with consideration of any special conditions. The individual osteotomies are created with clear step-by-step instructions with just a few clicks and can be adapted at any time.

Individual Patient Solutions - Values


Complex measurements, easy to perform.

Cephalometric analyses should always be performed with the individual treatment in mind, while leaving room for personal preferences and locally established methods.

With diagnostic tools such as the Surgery Ceph Wizard, standardized measurements and own analyses can be performed with little effort and compared with the initial values at any time.

Individual Patient Solutions - Transfer


Highly detailed planning, efficient implementation.

Splints represent the basic connection between simulation and implementation on the patient and thus have a decisive influence on the treatment outcome.

Customized splints can be created effortlessly with the IPS CaseDesigner® to transfer patient-specific treatment concepts to the OR. Holistically designed, a direct connection to the IPS Gate® enables the realization of further individual products.

Individual Patient Solutions - IPS CaseDesigner®

User interface

With the IPS CaseDesigner® you benefit from a steep learning curve, an intuitive handling and an accelerated workflow. Thereby the interface between you and the software is crucial: the user interface. That's why the IPS CaseDesigner® pays special attention to a clear visual structure, a homogenous layout and a simple use of the integrated functions.

Wizard-guided workflow for optimal case planning

The patient scan can be prepared in the shortest of time and offers the greatest possible scope for flexibility as well as the option of making specific modifications. Intuitive wizards help in creating individually designed osteotomies and in performing diagnostic measurements.


Customized splints can be created without effort at the end of each case planning for the transfer of patient-specific treatment concept into the operating theater.


A direct connection to the IPS Gate® can be established in the context of a holistic solution.


Watch our tutorial videos and experience how uniquely simple and fast the planning of all particular steps can be with the IPS CaseDesigner®:



Individual Patient Solutions - Indications - features - benefits


  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Orthognathic surgery, dysgnathia


  • Case preparation with only a few clicks
  • Photo-realistic real-time soft tissue simulation
  • Innovative diagnostic and analysis tools
  • Target-oriented workflow
  • Comprehensive 3D-ceph-analysis
  • Clearly structured, user-oriented user interface
  • Individual design options


  • Smallest possible user input
  • Steep learning curve
  • Time-saving, reproducible case planning
  • Simulation of the planned procedure
  • Increased planning safety
  • Versatile 3D image viewer
  • User-oriented planning

Training activities

We offer a broad spectrum of target group-specific training on virtual 3D planning in orthognathic surgery using the IPS CaseDesigner®. Details on the various modules and dates are given in our overview. Furthermore, our sales team is available to arrange for appointments on-site.

Training activities

License models

IPS Case Designer - License models

According to your needs, we offer different types of licensing models, depending on whether you work in a clinic or a private practice.

System requirements

Time is our most valuable thing - the IPS CaseDesigner® supports you in planning your treatment in shortest time. In compliance with the recommended system requirements, you will experience the optimal performance of the IPS CaseDesigner® software:

Operating system

  • Windows7 or 10, 64 Bit
  • Mac OS X: High Sierra or higher
  • Min. 8 GB RAM


  • Processor with 2 cores and high clock rate (3GHz)

Graphics card

  • Min. 2 GB own onboard memory
  • Min. 4 GB own onboard memory for 4K / Retina displays

Screen resolution

  • Full HD or higher

Disk space

  • 5 GB free disk space or more


  • Broadband internet connection

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